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Aircraft Restoration, New Projects,
Custom Graphics and more.

custom paint aircraft

What are you working on?

Because of our own interest in flying machines, it has been a natural addition to our business to offer custom graphics and paint to small aircraft owners.

We also repair and refurbish some plane parts, including snow ski landing gear.

Does your old plane want a new coat of flying paint? Would you like to dress it up with the manufacturer's original graphics? We research and reapply aircraft graphics too.

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Small & Vintage Aircraft

small and vintage airplanes

Bring your plane back to manufacturer's specs or give it a brand new design.

Do you own a Classic craft or vintage warbird? We have researched and repainted them. Let us help you make it look great, guaranteed.

Boats, Bikes, ATVs, Tractors

recreational vehicles

We can refinish and improve just about anything, even if it doesn't fit into the booth. Talk to us about your Motorcycles, ATVs, and Snowmobiles. We'll even paint your boat. Just take it out of the water first!

Custom Decals & Striping

custom decals

It takes more than just paint to make it right. Let us research, design, apply and finish your graphic details. From classic pinstriping to manufacturer graphics, to custom imagery. We've seen and done it all. 

Welcome to the new auto paint.

collectable cars

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